Aspiring comic book artist Hero Batowski lives anything but a superhero’s life – he’s 28 years old, works in his family’s comic book shop, and still lives at home with his dad. A long-ago tragedy left Hero unable to move on with his life. When a series of unexpected events occur, Hero must decide whether he is ready to finally face his fears and get his life on track. This quirky new musical by writers Michael Mahler and Aaron Thielen explores those extraordinary moments in ordinary life when there are no superheroes to the rescue.


Hero Batowski

  • Age 28
  • Occupation Comic book Illustrator
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #1, 1992
  • Last Appearance Hero’s Journal #13, 1998
  • Superpower None. Mortal.

Hero was born in Milwaukee. Is the only child of Al and Adele Batowski. Grew up loving comics and superheroes. He works in the family comic book shop. He started drawing at an early age and was encouraged by his parents. Hero began illustrating the world around him, like a journal. He drew himself and everyone around him. That all changed the night his mother died. He disappeared, both from real life and his journal. He stopped drawing himself and only illustrated this new world. In 2008 his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster came back to town and is about to change him forever.

Jane/The One

Jane Foster

  • Superhero name The One
  • Age 29
  • Occupation Elementary teacher
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #08, 1996
  • Superpower Ability to make the world around her a happier, better place. Makes everyone around her better. Ability to discover superpowers in others and get them to use them. Powerful heart, even though it has been often broken. Needed to discover the power to protect herself.

Jane’s family moved to Milwaukee in 1995. Met Hero at school and they became friends. They started dating senior year. After the death of Adele, and a very difficult and confusing summer, Jane left for school. She stayed in Denver for the next ten years. She graduated with a teaching degree, got a job and got married. She discovered he had been cheating on her for years. She divorced him and moved back to Milwaukee.

Al/General Bato

Al Batowski

  • Superhero name General Bato
  • Age 52
  • Occupation Comic book Shop owner, Hero’s dad
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #1, 1992
  • Superpower Most powerful superhero in this universe. Has super strength. He has infinite knowledge. His greatest power is the love he has for his family. Sometimes that power can be smothering. After the accident The Guardian placed special power in the cane that Al uses to walk. Without it he is weakened.

Al met and fell in love with Adele in High school. Two very powerful entities. They had one son….Hero. Al opened his own comic book shop and has run it for years. He doesn’t take great care of himself. He is overweight and had a heart attack a few years back. Has taken Nate under his wing.

Kirk/Wing Man


  • Superhero name Wing Man
  • Age 30
  • Occupation Avon salesperson, Bingo host
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #19, 2002
  • Superpower Fearless. Fiercely loyal. Super human flexibility. Ability to communicate with anyone and get what he wants. Super human charm.
  • Weapon of choice guitar

Kirk is Hero’s cousin and best friend. Kirk still lives at home with his mom and Nate, his twelve year old brother. When Kirk was in high school his mother hosted an Avon party and he realized he found his calling. He went on to win “Avon salesperson of the year” at the age of 18. Now he only sells part-time, so he can focus on other things like yoga and archery. He moved to Milwaukee in 2002 because his mother got a job in town. He spends most of his time with Hero. Kirk becomes Wing Man whenever someone he cares about needs help. Most often he appears in an effort to break Hero out of his funk. Wing Man is very powerful.



  • Superhero name Rook
  • Age 12
  • Occupation Student
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #19, 2002
  • Superpower Superior knowledge of the super hero universe. Expert chess player. Able to absorb other peoples powers and use them. He is independent and often goes rogue. For his size, he is very strong and quick. He travels on a skateboard that becomes magical, but only when he uses it.

Nate is Kirk’s brother. He was a late addition to the family. His father died when he was three, and never really knew him. Al has become a father figure to him. Nate is twelve going on forty. He idolizes Kirk but would never tell him that. Hero likes to believe that Nate is a superhero named Rook, who can absorb the powers of those around him. Rook doesn’t often understand his power and can take out people in the process. He absorbs Kirk’s self confidence but doesn’t understand how to use it. Nate doesn’t often become Rook when he is alone with Al, because he feels safe around him.

Susan/Agent Aegis

Susan Schmitty

  • Superhero name Agent Aegis
  • Age 28
  • Occupation Elementary teacher
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #33, 2008
  • Superpower ability to control her environment. Superior organizational skills. Incredibly protective exterior. She is able to create a force field around her that is impenetrable. (Aegis [ee-jis]- too protect)

Susan went to high school with Hero and Jane, but they were not friends then. She has always been a loner. Focused on learning. She went to college to be a teacher and got a job in her home town. She never dates and never thought she would find anyone. She pours her time into her students and trying new recipes.

Adele/The Guardian

Adele Batowski

  • Superhero name The Guardian
  • Former Occupation Hero’s mother, Al’s wife
  • Current Occupation A Guardian Angel who protects Al and Hero
  • First appearance Adele: Hero’s journal #1, 1992. The Guardian: Hero’s journal #13, 1998
  • Superpowers Infinite wisdom. Ability to heal others

Adele was born in Milwaukee. She met Al Batowski in high school. They married and decided to start a family. There were complications during the pregnancy. Hero was born premature, and Adele nearly died in the process. She was no longer able to have children. When Hero was eighteen and about to graduate from High School, Adele and Al’s car was hit by a drunk driver. Adele died on impact. Al survived, but suffered a serious leg injury. Hero believes Adele transformed into powerful superhero, The Guardian. She became incredibly powerful and continues to watch over Hero and Al.

The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel

  • First appearance Hero’s journal #13, 1998.
  • Superpowers ??

The Dark Angel is a very powerful evil energy source with the ability to spread darkness and subtly warp reality. Normally takes the form of a winged creature, but it has the ability to take over a host’s body for a short time. It can cause a host to do its evil bidding and then disappear again, leaving the host unaware of what happened. The only one able to control and defeat the Dark Angel is The Guardian…and one other.



  • Superhero name Formerly Captain Maverick Jr.
  • Age 48
  • Occupation Retired
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #15, 2002
  • Superpowers Super-speed, flight, healing, wisdom/enhanced mental perception, and control of lightning

Kyle was formally known as the superhero Captain Maverick jr. After years of crime fighting, Kyle got worn out and decided to hang up the tights. He is happily retired, but in an effort to make extra money, he helps other retiring or recovering superheroes make the transition to this new life. Currently, he is watching over his friend and former super hero, the Blue Bug. Although Kyle is retired, if needed he would don the tights again. He spends much of his time in Brew City Comics, to keep up with what’s going on with his fellow superheroes.



  • Superhero name Formerly The Blug Bug.
  • Age 30
  • Occupation Professional slacker
  • First Appearance Hero’s Journal #18, 2005
  • Superpowers Unaware of his former genius-level intellect, incredible athletic ability, and advanced hand-to-hand combat skills

Ted lives in, what he believes, is the basement of his mother’s house. Ted was formally known as the superhero Blue Bug. In 2004, Ted was shot in the head by the super-villain Stan Maxwell. Ted’s numerous super-powered friends came to his rescue and saved him. He survived, but has no memory of the accident or that he was once a real superhero. He is now watched over by his “mother”, who is really a retired superhero and Kyle. Kyle hopes that spending all their time in Brew City Comics, Ted’s memory will return.