Production Videos

Asolo Rep Production: “Superhero Life”

Asolo Rep Production: “Phone Booth”

Asolo Rep Production: “That’s My Kryptonite”

Video: Highlights from the Marriott production
Marriott Theatre Production 2012


Interviews with the show’s creators

Video: Aaron Thielen Interview
Playwright Aaron Thielen
Video: Michael Mahler Interview
Composer & Lyricist Michael Mahler

A three-part interview series with the team behind the show’s orchestrations

Video:'Orchestra Interview part 1'
Composer & Lyricist Michael Mahler
Video:'Orchestra Interview part 2'
Music Director Ryan T. Nelson
Video:'Orchestra Interview part 3'
Musicians Jed Feder and Matt Deitchman

Workshop Production (2011)

Recorded at rehearsals from the first workshop of Hero at the American Musical Theater Project in conjunction with Northwestern University in 2011. Featuring Jon Harrison and Mary Kelly, with Ryan T. Nelson playing piano.

Video:'Original Story'
“Origin Story”
Video:'Your Darkest Place
“Your Darkest Place”

Staged Reading (2010)

Recorded at rehearsal for the first staged reading of Hero at the Marriott Theatre in 2010.

Video:'That's My Kryptonite'


Media & Interviews

WGN Radio interview
Audio MP3
Featuring Aaron Thielen, Jameson Cooper, and Heidi Kettenring, with host Nick Digilio.

Demo songs

“My Superhero Life (demo)
Sung by Hero and the ensemble. Demo recording by Michael Mahler and Dara Cameron.
“Powerless (demo)
Sung by Hero in Act Two. Demo recording by Michael Mahler.
“That’s My Kryponite (demo)
Hero and Jane duet. Demo recording by Michael Mahler and Dara Cameron
“Lower Your Shield (demo)
Jane’s song in Act One. Demo recording by Dara Cameron